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2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

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Carrosserie Coupe
Brandstof Petrol
Motorinhoud 3.6L V8
Transmissie F1 Paddle
Kleur Red
Kleur interieur Black
Bekleding Leather
Stuur Lhd

A stunning example of Ferrari’s exhilarating limited-run supercar
Finished in Rosso Scuderia over a Nero leather-trimmed cabin
Very low mileage of just 26.000 km since new
It is powered by a mid-mounted 3.6-litre ‘Tipo 131’ V8, delivering 425bhp to the rear wheels via a six-speed ‘F1’ automated transmission with paddle shift
With only 1.288 units produced, the Challenge Stradale is a real future classic
Any significant Ferrari collection should contain a Challenge Stradale
The Challenge Stradale was a more focused V8-powered Ferrari with road as well as track capability, boasting improved handling, carbon-ceramic brakes, and a focus on weight-saving.
The Ferrari Challenge Stradale, born from the rich lineage of racing heritage, is a truly awe-inspiring machine that captures the essence of raw power and precision.

This limited-edition model, based on the legendary Ferrari 360 Modena, was unleashed onto the world with the sole purpose of delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

Every aspect of the Challenge Stradale was precisely crafted with performance in mind. Its aerodynamic enhancements, including a prominent rear spoiler and front splitter, not only added an aggressive touch to its appearance but also increased downforce, allowing for improved handling and stability at high speeds.

Underneath its captivating exterior, the Challenge Stradale housed a roaring V8 engine, capable of producing an astounding soundtrack that will send shivers down the spine. No other car has such a raw sound as the Challenge Stradale

With its power output increased to an impressive 425 horsepower, this masterpiece could sprint from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 4 seconds, providing an adrenaline-fueled acceleration that was nothing short of exhilarating.

Weight reduction was a key focus during the creation of the Challenge Stradale, resulting in a car that was lighter and more agile than its counterparts.

Carbon fiber played a crucial role in achieving this, with the interior featuring lightweight racing-inspired components, while the exterior saw the extensive use of carbon fiber elements, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Stepping inside the cockpit of the Challenge Stradale, drivers were greeted by an environment designed to immerse them in the thrill of the experience.

Carbon fiber bucket seats provided excellent support during spirited driving, while Alcantara upholstery and minimalist styling elements created an atmosphere that emphasized the car’s racing nature.

Limited in production, with only 1.288 unites produced, the Challenge Stradale is even a rarer sight than the well-known legendary Ferrari F40. The Ferrari Challenge Stradale represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and engineering expertise.


This example is finished in the historical colour of Rosso Scuderia with Nero alcantara racing bucket seats and alcantara dashboard.

The car was newly delivered in Denmark in 2004 and left to Japan in May 2006. In 2016 the car was exported to the UK where it was again maintained by Ferrari specialists.

The car was always maintained by official Ferrari workshops and the service books shows regular maintenance as can be seen in the overview below:

23-05-2006, 3.312 kilometers
11-04-2008, 7.019 kilometers
04-09-2010, 13.364 kilometers
14-06-2011, 18.614 kilometers
24-04-2012, 23.401 kilometers
03-03-2015, 25.340 kilometers
20-02-2020, 25.513 kilometers
05-08-2021, 25.561 kilometers
The first owner equipped the car with the optional carbon fibre bucket seats, a climate control and Rosso Scuderia brake calipers.

Presented in a beautiful condition, this Ferrari has driven only 26.000 kilometers since new. The car is complete with all it’s books and tools.

With the car comes the original owner’s book pack, service book with comprehensive history, two keys, Ferrari battery conditioner, Ferrari tyre inflator, original toolkit and a Mini Maglite flashlight.

In August 2021, the last complete service for this 360 Challenge Stradale was done, around 25.000 km. Only a thousand kilometers have been driven since its last service. This all has been done at R&D Automotive, a trusted Ferrari specialist.


The bodywork of the car shows no signs of damage.

The Rosso Scuderia paintwork looks nice, with only a few small marks that come from regular use, such as tiny stone chips on the front and two small imperfections on the headlights, which can only be seen if you look closely.

The alloy wheels don’t have any noticeable marks and looks like new.

In short, this Challenge Stradale is presented in a beautiful condition throughout and is ready to be enjoyed by a new driver.


Like the exterior, the interior is also in great condition.

When you enter the car, it is immediately apparent that the previous owners took care to keep the condition beautiful.

The door trims have no scratches or other damage, as do the carbon fibre door panels.

What is often a problem with Ferraris of this age is that the buttons get sticky. The buttons in this Challenge Stradale are completely free of stickiness which is a rarity.

The black leather-trimmed seats look fantastic and there are no tears or scratches in the leather.


And last, of course, is the driving experience.

In our eyes, the Challenge Stradale is the Ferrari with the most emotion. The sound of the V8 behind you when the higher revs are reached is unrivalled. It sends shivers down your neck.

“One of the most exciting, absorbing, and desirable cars we’ve ever driven”, as described by EVO Magazine.

You can tell from everything that this really is a race car for the street.

The interior has basically no forms of comfort, yet the carbon fibre bucket seats sit wonderfully and visibility is pretty good in the car. The F1 gearbox has great character, as thanks to the single clutch it gives a raw feel when you shift gears.

In short, the Challenge Stradale is a spartan monster that absolutely should not be missing from a distinctive Ferrari collection.
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