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1953 Jaguar XK120 Fhc

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 3.4L
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Green metallic
Interior Color Beige
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
RA Classics are pleased to offer for sale this remarkable example of a Jaguar XK120 Fixed-Head Coupe. Green with a Cream smooth & Green Suede leather interior finished with beautiful walnut trim; this magnificent car is one of the most iconic and evocative classic British sports-cars to be found anywhere in the country.

Originally built as a mere testbed platform to showcase Jaguar’s new XK engine, the car was met with such a positive reception that Jaguar elected to immediately put it into production, at which point it was officially the fastest production car in the world. The “120” in the cars name denotes the recorded top speed of 120mph, though a prototype with a longer gear-ratio and special aerodynamic windscreen recorded an average top-speed of 135mph in a test in Belgium.

This XK120 has been endowed with no small amount of alterations and adjustments which have transformed an already fantastic driver’s car into a truly astounding one. Several cosmetic adjustments made to the XK120 after this car’s production year that Jaguar themselves implemented have been applied. Later XK120’s had reprofiled wheel arches to allow the fitment of 15” wheels and had the beading around the edges removed, resulting in a sleeker appearance. The cosmetic improvements that this car has enjoyed representing only the very tip of the iceberg.

A considerable amount of attention from the experts at Rob Beere Racing, the world-renowned Jaguar racing engine-builders, with a 3.8l racing engine being fitted featuring a wide array of carefully selected components. These include straight port heads, a lightened flywheel, electronic ignition, forged Accralite pistons, bespoke exhaust manifolds, wide-blade balanced and shot-peened rods and a high capacity oil pump and cooler; which culminate in over 260 bhp and 268ftlbs of torque.

Several mechanical improvements have also been implemented into the body by the award-winning Jaguar XK specialists Leaping Cats Ltd, which allow the car to effectively translate its performance onto the road. Weight distribution and handling have both been improved by moving the engine 1.5” further back. Furthermore; competition springs and telescopic dampers have been added after bespoke rear shock absorber mountings were implemented. Finally, a LSD and stiffened anti-roll bars serve to complete the package and render this as one of the most drivable and enjoyable XK120’s in the country.

Whilst the above detailed improvements have resulted in seriously impressive performance, this XK120 is far from the spartan racing machine that the under-bonnet improvements might imply. The cars cabin has received no small amount of attention to maximise the practicality, comfort and appeal of the driving experience.

The most significant adaptation that has been made is a vast improvement in the space and position of the driver and passenger seating, which has been achieved by first removing the storage bin located behind the seats and in front of the rear bulkhead, then altering the shape of the bulkhead itself behind the driver’s seat allowing a far greater range of adjustment of the seating position.

The resulting effect of this change in unison with the fitment of an XK140 steering wheel, with a 1” smaller diameter than the original wheel, is that a driver of 6ft or more will find the car far less awkward to drive than a conventional XK120. The loss of the behind-seat storage is a sacrifice that bears little consequence, however; as this has been compensated for via the addition of an E-Type central armrest and oddment box between the two seats.

Elsewhere in the cabin, further convenience improvements include the addition of a radio and speakers, interior and map-reading lights above the windscreen, separate oil and water temperature gauges, an electronic tachometer and calibrated speedometer, door-mounted map pockets, a hazard warning light and an electrical kill-switch.

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